Document Version History


  • Deprecated DueDate
  • Added Desc to Supplement
  • Title no longer restricted to an enumeration
  • Desc may be populated for Special Offers of type
  • Added developer note on Additional XML Elements
  • Clarify response where there are no images available
  • Updated URLs (existing ones will still work)


  • Added Supplier information to Responses
  • Added Supplier information to static data
  • Added SupplierReference and PropertyReference
  • Added JSON static data
  • Updated ‘ID Lists / Static Data’ section
  • Added developer note about Meal Basis
  • Clarified that modifications are cancel and rebook
  • Updated documentation to show correct element name of RoomsAppliesTo. Note this is not an API change.
  • Show correct handling of Child with age ‘0’ in SearchRequest / Response examples.


  • Remove documentation and references to versions prior to v6.0 as these are now removed.
  • Clarification on Integer size.
  • TradeReference can now be 50 characters (was 20).
  • Added Timeout information.
  • Added information about ratecodes.
  • Added information about Adults, Children and Infants
  • Deprecated Infants in Requests


  • Lifted restriction which allowed a maximum of two children per room (if the contract allows


  • Added PropertyID and PropertyName to BookResponse documentation. This was already in the API.
  • Fixed indentation in Taxes section of SearchResponse documentation. API is unchanged.
  • Lead Guest was incorrectly being repeated in the Guests element of BookResponse and BookingResponse. This has been fixed.


  • API v6+ only: In BookResponse and BookingResponse the Guests element may now be a self- closing tag if information is not available.
  • API v6+ only: Removed undocumented ID element from SpecialOffers
  • Added developer note about Adult, Children and Infant counts.


  • API v6+ only: Supplements element in BookResponse and BookingResponse is now a self-closing element. Prior to this version, if there are no supplements the element will contain a single self-closing Supplement element.
  • API v6+ only: Some properties may return a Ratecode in the SearchResponse.
  • API v5.3 and below only: Reverted the change to the TotalProperties change in 1.6.0. Note that this element is still moved in API v6+
  • Clarify self-closing and optional elements and their hierarchy in the SearchResponse documentation


  • Geography changes to Country -> Area -> Region (API v6.0 and above)
  • Added Errata to SearchResponse, BookResponse and BookingResponse
  • API v6+ only: TotalProperties moved to element in SearchResponse
  • AccountStatus element removed
  • Currency added to BookResponse and CancelResponse
  • CancellationPolicies clarified in documentation (not returned in BookingResponse).
  • Remove undocumented PropertyID from CancelResponse


  • API v5.3
  • Added HostIP to RequestInfo
  • CMSBaseURL is now https
  • Optional setting to split the room View from the Name. See Developer Information section.
  • Note: ReqID has changed from 13 to 23 characters in length. This may change in future without notice.
  • If known, GIATAID is returned in Responses which contain Property information.
  • Documented RequestInfo in response schemas and examples

  • Added PropertyRoomTypeID as Response option.
  • Added Developer Information section
  • Fixed some typos

  • API v5.2
  • Added optional PropertyRoomTypeID to SearchResponse
  • Clarified Versions in section BookingInterface

  • Make note in the BookRequest call the maximum character lengths for the LeadGuest child tags

  • Fix issue in xml example subtotal below in section Example Search Response for room ID 999. Note the sub-total is the amount of the booking before any special offers are deducted, any supplements are added on, and any non-inclusive taxes are added on.


  • Documentation only change: Clarified CancellationPolicy CancelBy field
  • Documentation only change: Remove CancellationPolicies from BookingRequest


  • Added BookingUpdateRequest


  • Note TradeReference now mandatory


  • Add RoomPrice to BookingRequest
  • Correct BookingRequest response documentation
  • API v5.0
  • Add multiple-room support
  • Maximum Duration changed to 88 days
  • Clarify expected responses from failed credential checks, malformed XML etc
  • Remove duplicate 'value' tag in SpecialOffer
  • Remove Type, Value and Basis from Taxes


  • Add CancellationPolicies


  • Add RequestInfo tag to response


  • Add multiple images to response


  • Clarification on costing updated


  • Formatting fixes


  • Added integrations costing outline


  • Added <Properties> tag


  • Deprecated use of RegionID and ResortID


  • Added explicit specification of data types.
  • Added optional TotalPrice to Book request, for validating a previously-searched-for price against current prices.


  • Added new cancellation method
  • Changed content of booking details response when booking has cancelled status
  • Noted that TradeReference can be max 20 chars
  • Noted that all amounts are in USD


  • Add DueDate to Book/Booking response
  • strtotime replaced by YYYY-MM-DD
  • Change appropriate Integers to Decimals
  • Added title enumerations
  • Infants specification