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We can help you to decide how to use social media to your best advantage and to plan how you are going to run your activity, after all it’s not a fire and forget thing – it’s an ongoing sustained conversation with your customers and followers.

At its simplest most passive level, social media is all about giving your customers the chance to share information about you, your products and brands with their friends and followers.

More important is how you plan to be active in social media, how you are going to communicate with your audiences and start a conversation. We can help you which channels are right for you. There are many channels available, including Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and so on. We can help you decide which to embrace and how to go about managing your online reputation.

Some clients just want some help with their strategy and setting up their various accounts correctly, whilst with others we can get a lot more involved, from writing and publishing your Tweets through to developing an app for Facebook.



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