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Speed, cost savings and an insight into your customers' behaviour are just some of the benefits Interceptor can bring to your company.

  • Less transactions sent to your content providers.
  • A cache of all your search data.
  • Sub-second response times.
  • Valuable information on what your customers search.
  • Management reporting on multiple metrics.
  • Customisable caching parameters to suit your business needs.

One-Step Integration

Put simply, Interceptor works by intercepting all messages sent to and from your travel content providers and storing the information. Should identical searches be sent within a timeframe defined by you, the cached data is instantly returned and no message is sent to the content provider; saving time and transaction costs.

The unique selling point of interceptor is the way that it is integrated into your existing systems; just point your messages to Inceptor and we'll do the rest.

Cache The Way You Want

You decide how long to hold information in the cache (update frequency), according to:

  • Content Provider
  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Departure Date
  • Days until departure
  • Seat Availability of last search

Big Data

If you like information, then you'll love Interceptor!

The data stored in Interceptor can be used for a whole host of functionalities; from helping cost-conscious customers decide on where to book using budget-driven searching, to viewing fare trends. From meta-search engine hand-offs, to dynamic, on-the-fly or static content packaging.

"Big Data" can help you to do business smarter.

Management Information

The optional Management Information module can provide a number of customisable reports and statistics:

  • Number of searches received
  • Number of searches answered by cached information
  • Most popular searches by routing
  • Booking figures by routing
  • Booking figures by airline
  • Look-to-book ratios by routing
  • Busiest search times
  • Busiest booking times
  • Fare booked vs lowest fare offered
  • Lowest available fare by routing
  • Response times


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