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Speed, cost savings and an insight into your customers' behaviour are just some of the benefits Interceptor can bring to your company.

  • Less transactions sent to your content providers.
  • A cache of all your search data.
  • Sub-second response times.
  • Valuable information on what your customers search.
  • Management reporting on multiple metrics.
  • Customisable caching parameters to suit your business needs.

One-Step Integration

Put simply, Interceptor works by intercepting all messages sent to and from your travel content providers and storing the information. Should identical searches be sent within a timeframe defined by you, the cached data is instantly returned and no message is sent to the content provider; saving time and transaction costs.

The unique selling point of interceptor is the way that it is integrated into your existing systems; just point your messages to Inceptor and we'll do the rest.

Cache The Way You Want

You decide how long to hold information in the cache (update frequency), according to:

  • Content Provider
  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Departure Date
  • Days until departure
  • Seat Availability of last search

Big Data

If you like information, then you'll love Interceptor!

The data stored in Interceptor can be used for a whole host of functionalities; from helping cost-conscious customers decide on where to book using budget-driven searching, to viewing fare trends. From meta-search engine hand-offs, to dynamic, on-the-fly or static content packaging.

"Big Data" can help you to do business smarter.

Management Information

The optional Management Information module can provide a number of customisable reports and statistics:

  • Number of searches received
  • Number of searches answered by cached information
  • Most popular searches by routing
  • Booking figures by routing
  • Booking figures by airline
  • Look-to-book ratios by routing
  • Busiest search times
  • Busiest booking times
  • Fare booked vs lowest fare offered
  • Lowest available fare by routing
  • Response times


  • GDS airline integration

    As an Amadeus partner, we offer GDS integration providing our clients with a comprehensive flight booking system.

  • Accessibility review

    We offer accessible building advice and audits, through to accessibility testing for Web, software and mobile technologies, helping companies to comply with UK and worldwide disability laws and addressing organisational corporate responsibilities.

  • Hosting and domain management

    We operate our own secure, resilient, flexible hosting solution based upon a high performance cloud platform.



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