Hosting and domain management

Experience Hosting and domain management

We offer a range of hosting solutions for our clients including Linux hosting, Windows hosting and Cloud hosting, which can be delivered by our hosting partners or with your preferred supplier. Alternatively we are happy to utilise your existing hosting solution if preferred.

We also operate our own secure, resilient, flexible hosting solution based upon a high performance cloud platform. This offers cost-effective cloud hosting for our clients, in partnership with EveryCity, a leading Internet ISP.

As it is a cloud based solution, we can rapidly deploy new cloud server instances, increase or decrease CPU, Disk and Memory resources on the fly, and provide failover and disaster recovery, with no compromise to security or performance.

EveryCity is based in Interxion at London Liverpool Street, a premium data centre in the heart of London’s financial district. Interxion operate over 20 data centres across Europe, and their London facility is the data centre of choice for trading exchanges and financial platforms, having the highest power uptime reputation in London.

Domain management

We can assist you in formulating the best domain strategy. This not only involves choosing the best domain for the web site, but also to put in place a protectionist strategy to guard against the domain name becoming diluted by third parties registering similar domain names.


  • GDS airline integration

    As an Amadeus partner, we offer GDS integration providing our clients with a comprehensive flight booking system.

  • Accessibility review

    We offer accessible building advice and audits, through to accessibility testing for Web, software and mobile technologies, helping companies to comply with UK and worldwide disability laws and addressing organisational corporate responsibilities.

  • Mobile

    We build web sites that are usable on any mobile device and develop Apps for smartphones including iOS, Android and Windows.



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