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Global Distribution System commonly known as GDS connects millions of providers to provide a common platform for bookings (flight, hotel, packages and cars) to users across the globe. As a leading GDS integration company, we can provide our clients with a comprehensive flight booking system, providing the following benefits:

  • Easy GDS connectivity
  • Receive bookings 24/7
  • Broaden your market reach
  • Widen your distribution network

We are an Amadeus partner and provide a number of solutions based around the Amadeus solution.

API Integration

Amadeus API is a type of dialogue between the GDS and the customer especially designed for customers who want to develop their own travel products instead of using the Amadeus off-the-shelf solutions. This toolkit enables you to program customized client applications that interface to the Amadeus Global Distribution System. Applications developed with it have a stable and secure connection to the Amadeus Central System. The messages exchanged between the applications and the Amadeus System are structured or semi-structured and are easier to encode/decode.

How Amadeus can help your organisation

  • Overcome fragmented content: By delivering exactly what your customers want, from a single source – including access to airlines, low cost carriers, hotels, car rental companies, railway companies – all with the best faring capabilities.
  • Improve your profitability: By boosting your agents’ productivity in adapting and customizing our solutions to optimize your working processes. By seamlessly integrating all private solutions within your point of sale and to your accounting system.
  • Strengthen differentiation: By competing against online players, with end-to-end fully integrated solutions. Not only you deliver the best booking alternatives, but also you apply the company rules according to the customer preferences, consolidate all the savings and produce global reports.
  • Deliver global service and local support: With our global presence, we care about your customer and ensure you are always operational, wherever you do business.
  • Manage the investment risks: By developing future proof and collaborative technology that relies on industry standards, by continuously investing in the improvement of our solution portfolio. By hosting your applications in our robust and reliable data centre.


  • Mobile

    We build web sites that are usable on any mobile device and develop Apps for smartphones including iOS, Android and Windows.

  • Smart Interceptor

    The Smart Interceptor is a concept originally conceived by Steve Lawrence in the early part of 2012. Essentially, the idea is for the creation of an application that sits between an internet booking engine, or any other form of travel search application, and content providers. Content providers could be GDSs, Bed Banks, direct connect airlines, or any other providers of content that can be searched via an API or web services connection.

  • Systems integration

    We have a formidable technical resource which we have utilised on a number of systems integrations.



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