BETA - British Equestrian Trade Association

Project Description

Website redesign

The British Equestrian Trade Association web site was last redesigned and launched in 2007 and had remained largely the same throughout that period, with mainly content changes.

As technology has moved on, some aspects of the web site could have benefited from updating; for example:

  • Visitors are increasingly viewing web sites on mobile phones and other mobile devices, in fact it’s expected that mobile visitors will overtake desktop visitors for the first time later in 2014
  • Flash technology is out of favour and similar effects can be achieved in Dynamic HTML

We suggested overhauling the design of the site and to work with BETA to understand the design requirements and their preferences.

As well as reviewing the visual design of the web site, we reviewed the other aspects of the web site’s design, namely the architecture of the site. Site architecture refers to the organisation of the site both in terms of navigational structure, page layout and how visitors are directed to content and features.

Our approach to mobile web sites is that any new site that we develop will be compatible with any device that the visitor wishes to use. We therefore develop one site which is compatible across mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Skills :
  • Consultancy
  • Web design & build
  • eCommerce
  • Mobile
  • Digital marketing
  • Systems integration
  • Hosting and domain management
Project Details
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