London Town Hotels

Project Description

Website redesign

London Town Hotels Groups owns and operates a number of premium hotels in and around London.

Hotel Indigo, Paddington

When we were asked to redesign the Hotel Indigo web site, we made a number of recommendations to improve the site and overall user experience. We redesigned the site and updated the architecture to make better use of a lot of content that was hidden by the navigation in the existing web site. We also introduced a brand new content management system to allow non-technical staff to keep the site updated.

Our copywriters also optimised the content to better incorporate key words and phrases into the content of the web site. As part of the content strategy, we introduced a Blog to the site which could be used to announce news and promotions as well as to point visitors to different areas of content on the site. As well as adding key word rich content to the site, the blog also enabled increased in-site cross-linking which benefits search engine optimisation. We also enabled the content management system to publish new posts direct to Twitter and Facebook at the same time as they were added to the web site.

To promote an increase in inbound links, we also introduced social media sharing links to allow visitors to share information about the hotel with their friends and colleagues. In order to help build a leads database, we added a mailing list sign-up prominently on the site. Finally, we integrated a booking engine and live chat booking facility to the new site.

Skills :
  • Web design & build
  • Digital marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • eMail marketing
  • Social media
  • Systems integration
  • Hosting and domain management
Project Details